High density storage systems product range

The NSC Pegasus high density modular storage systems range includes cabinets, open frame racking systems, AluFlex carts, catheter cabinets/ carts, open frame carts/trolleys, Ecoline procedure/ storage carts and procedure room cabinets all of which all incorporate the interchangeable module (basket) racking system.

The entire NSC Pegasus high density modular storage system is based around the uniquely designed ISO side panels and interchangeable baskets, trays and shelves (modules). The units are designed in either E (600mm wide) or U (400mm wide) configurations and additional ‘bays’ can be added to make it wider. All modules are designed to fit in either an E or U style systems and are available in 5cm, 10cm or 20cm heights. The modules are a retractable system which have a unique safety-stop function which prevents the module from accidentally falling out when pulled. The baskets can be tilted in two different angles to view and access the stored items.

The high density modular storage system range are available as standard kits or can be custom designed and built using various rack or cabinet options. Dividers and label holders can be attached to the modules to suit the items being stored and increase organisation.

These storage systems are ideal for:

  • CSSD, sterilisation departments, sterile rooms, sterile storage areas
  • Operating theatre store room
  • Storing, organising and transporting medicines, pharmacy bottles, anaesthetics and small consumables
  • Hospital, healthcare facility, medical storage
  • Medication rooms
  • Aged care
  • Day surgery
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Anaesthetics store rooms
  • Medicine store rooms
  • Suture trolleys or carts
  • Pharmacy rooms within hospitals
  • Catheter labs

See the NSC Pegasus high density storage systems range available below and how it can work for your hospital or healthcare storage solution


hospital and medical high density modular storage systems
  • Maximise storage capacity and organisation
  • Reduce overall inventories through stock rotation
  • Improve the aesthetics of your storage area
  • Fully customise the area to suit your needs
  • Reduce potential OH&S risks to hospital personnel
  • Ability to move modules to various levels

High density modular storage systems are ideal for:

  • Any hospital department or healthcare facility
  • Operating theatre/ OT                 
  • CSSD, sterilisation dept, sterile store room
  • Pharmacy or pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Anaesthetics store rooms
  • Medications store rooms
  • Suture trolleys or carts
  • Emergency department, ICU, HDU
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